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Safety Tips

Heavy Equipment Safety

1. Know how to properly operate the equipment you are using.

2. Do not use heavy machinery when you are drowsy, intoxicated, or taking prescription medication that may affect your performance.

3. Use only equipment that is appropriate for the work to be done.

4. Inspect your equipment to ensure that it is in good working condition before beginning a job. In addition, ensure that regular inspections and maintenance are conducted as appropriate.

5. Do not stress or overload your equipment.

Ensure the following before leaving equipment unattended:

    • All buckets, blades, etc. are on the ground.
    • Transmission is in neutral.
    • Engine is off.
    • Equipment is secure against movement.
    • Never get on or off moving equipment.
    • Do not attempt to lubricate or adjust a running engine.
    • Turn the engine off before refueling.
    • Keep all shields and safety guards in place.
    • Avoid underground utilities and overhead power lines.